Strakvlak LSR | laser controlled | self-levelling

Since its introduction in 2009, Strakvlak has become a famous brand among professional gardeners and road workers. The Strakvlak makes it possible to level in an upright position. As a result, you never have to work on your knees and you save your back. The motto is therefore: Strakvlak makes levelling easy!
Leveling is now even easier with the new Strakvlak LSR. This Strakvlak maintains its height thanks to an external laser and is therefore self-levelling. Setting out reference points is no longer necessary!

Strakvlak LSR laser

Strakvlak Egalisatieschuif

What is the Strakvlak?

The STRAKVLAK is a manual levelling assistant which can be used in situations where mechanical levelling is not an option.
The STRAKVLAK is available in three models, a small and two large versions. These models have a supplementary function.

S4641 STRAKVLAK unit seed rake (120 cm)

Coarse Preparation

The small STRAKVLAK model is suitable for the coarse preparation of the sub-base layer. It can shift large quantities of material, enabling a coarse levelling of the site. It enlightens the physical exertion of your employees. The small STRAKVLAK model is infinitely adjustable from 70 to 120 cm.

Accurate Levelling

After the coarse preparation, the large STRAKVLAK model can be applied for accurate levelling tasks.
It is infinitely adjustable from 117 to 210 cm. There is also a DUO model adjustable from 210 to 303 cm.
Both the small and large STRAKVLAK have straight levelling blades. They can also be positioned triangular.

Strakvlak Egalisatieschuif
Werken met een rechte rug

Working with the right posture

The STRAKVLAK is equipped with sturdy, lightweight plastic wheels, which are maintenance free and are adjustable in height per 0.5 cm.

The base handle can also be adjusted in height, enabling any user to work in an ergonomically responsible way.

Minimum effort, maximum results

Summarizing, the STRAKVLAK is a handy and quick tool for the professional gardener and paver to enlighten the heavy duty of levelling.

The Dutch Health and Safety Inspectorate recommends the use of the STRAKVLAK.

Additional applications

Two additional accessories are available and can be attached to the small STRAKVLAK model.

The seed rake is ideal to rake in grass seed meticulously and evenly. The sweeper is very handy to sweep sand into the joints between the paving elements.

Product overview

• S4634 STRAKVLAK type III DV complete (70 – 120 cm)
• S4635 STRAKVLAK type IV DV complete (117 – 210 cm)
• S4640 STRAKVLAK type VII DUO complete (210 – 303 cm)
• S4627 STRAKVLAK unit sweeper (80 cm)
• S4632 STRAKVLAK unit seed rake (80 cm)

Strakvlak Egalisatieschuif met extra toepassingen